• 3R extra lift arms and greasing trunion

    Posted by Jac on January 30, 2023 at 3:51 pm

    When I purchased my 3033R from the dealer lot, I added the extendable lift arms for the 3 point. (I really like them as I do not use a quick hitch.) I have the still new original equipment arms collecting dust in the barn and am thinking of selling them. I’m not sure there would be much demand for them as it seems unlikely they would get damaged very often. Shipping would probably be high as they are fairly heavy. Looks like they cost a couple hundred ea. from Deere. Anyone ever had to replace these arms? Should I put them in the classifieds and what would be a reasonable price?

    John Deere says to grease the front trunion “Until Full”. How can you tell when it is full? I have only greased it twice so far and would give it 10 to 20 hits in each of the two fittings, but grease never does not come out anywhere. Factory must not have had it “Full”. I will be doing a full service on it soon and figure this time I will just keep pumping grease until it comes out somewhere! (hopefully not the exhaust stack) Just wondering where that might be. What have you folks seen on the 3R? Looks different then the 1025R shown in the videos.



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  • TractorTimeWithTim

    January 30, 2023 at 8:21 pm

    If they were for the 1 series, you would be able to sell them.

    For the 3 series, I kinda doubt you’ll find takers.

    Like you, I got the extendable arms. …but the dealer kept the old ones! You are a step ahead of me.


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